Investing in the Colorado Marijuana Industry

Colorado laws offer a legal path to business success
and extreme profitability

First off, this is currently still illegal under federal laws. However, Colorado passed Amendment 64 in 2013 which outlines the state laws for legal marijuana operations. Each jurisdiction within the state has their own set of regulations. Some have banned it altogether (dry counties) and others, like Denver and Aurora, have decided to embrace it and the huge tax revenues it's generating.

Currently, the two best municipalities, and the ones we have expertise in, are Denver and Aurora. Together, they have become the world center of legal cannabis production and sales. The level of expertise and industry support here is first class. There are specialized attorneys and support services readily available.

Aurora Grow Warehouse

If you are interested in making an investment in the local real estate market you will need a Proof of Funds Letter in the name of the purchasing entity and / or signing authority. Out of state investors will usually get extra scrutiny from sellers.

In general, all deals are full cash. No commercial loans are available and hard money lenders in this industry have been unreliable.

We highly recommend retaining an attorney to help you with the compliance issues. There are specialists available that can help guide you through the process.

Here's a couple of current investment opportunities you may consider:

The Mary Jane Motel Project