The Mary Jane Motel
Denver's 420 Themed Motel
A Limited Partnership Project

Currently, the Colorado Indoor Clean Air Act
does NOT allow for a 'Smoking Hotel'.
When the laws change we will reconsider this project.

We are going to purchase an old hotel and fully renovate it into a themed 'destination' resort for our 420 tourists. Following all laws and local ordinances the motel will work with all the local tour providers and dispensaries as 'the official' 420 friendly lodging in Denver. It will be promoted on all the appropriate online forums nationwide and we would expect quite a 'buzz'........
We'll charge premium prices ($100+ a night) to keep an upscale clientele and offer whatever legal products may be available. As the laws change, we will open additional streams of revenue.

 >> The target property has not been identified yet  <<

Remodeled to a modern cannabis theme with party rooms; sleeper sofas and chairs.

To be strategically located close to dispensaries and restaurants.

We will allow smoking in the rooms and common areas, as currently allowed by law (which may change)

We will NOT sell any MJ products. (until the law allows it)

There will be an on site coffee house with lot's of seating and revenue options