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While the regulations are still evolving, Amendment 64 has outlined a legal path towards personal freedom, business success and extreme profitability.

Denver Regulations: Click Here
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While the State Constitution outlines what can be legally done, all local jurisdictions have full local authority on what they will, and will not, allow. Many cities and municipalities have placed moratoriums and outright bans on any marijuana businesses.

It's all about the zoning, and then the licensing.....

Currently, Denver is the most friendly city and is doing the greatest business volumes.

Remember To Understand And Follow The Changing Laws

We try to keep on top of the ever changing regulatory environment but we always recommend that you hire a specialized business attorney to help with licensing and any other regulatory issues. No need for shortcuts here, there's plenty of profit potential within the four corners of the existing laws. We can recommend experienced attorneys that specialize in the industry and can guide you through your compliance planning.

We are not providing any legal advice here. However, we understand you have new rights guaranteed under the Colorado Constitution. Follow the laws and enjoy all that Colorado has to offer. We'll give you 'friendly' help with your real estate transactions.

The Great Green Rush
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There is a tremendous demand for properly zoned warehouse space from 5k to 80k sf. We can offer confidential marketing to our existing book of clients without needing advertise it or disclose it's potential use thru the usual public forums. Call me for a confidential discussion.

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Know The Laws:

Marijuana Enforcement Division

Retail Marijuana Code

City of Denver Regulations

Commercial Licensing

Commercial Zoning, Denver

Denver Licensing

Remember; It's still
illegal under federal law
for now........

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