What Is CBD Oil? A Quick And Basic Overview

Even though so many people are using CBD oil at the moment, there are still several individuals who don’t know much about it. All they know is that it comes from a plant that used to be illegal (depending on where you live). And the reasons why you should care a little more about CBD oil as evaded you, until now.

If you want to understand the basics of CBD oil, this article will do a fast and straightforward breakdown to help you get some perspective.

Where Does CBD Oil Come From?

The first thing you should know is that there are two major cannabis plant groups, namely hemp, and marijuana. Both of these produce the CBD cannabinoid, and both can be used for making oil. However, hemp is mostly used for CBD oil extraction given that these specific species have lots more of it.

Is It Dangerous?

Up to now, there are no dangers associated with using CBD oil. Instead, it is known to help certain medical situations, although it would be ignorant to make any claims. As far as research goes, CBD oil can have medicinal properties, but you will have to dig deeper to get certainty whether CBD can your specific problem.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t feel worried about using CBD oil. There are no side-effects, and long-term use isn’t harmful.

Does It Get You High?

For people who don’t show interest in the world of marijuana, it might be difficult to understand that CBD doesn’t get you high. Just because it comes from a cannabis plant doesn’t necessarily mean there are “special effects” involved.

In fact, THC is the cannabinoid that gets you high, while the CBD ratio limits the high. That means CBD doesn’t have any strange effects you should prepare for.

For those hoping that CBD oil will provide a recreational high, you are in for some big disappointment. As the website www.cbdoilgeek.com reports, CBD oil doesn’t get you high, and this is why so many people are using it. Given that not everyone enjoys the influence of weed, CBD oil gives these individuals a comfortable alternative.

Medicinal Properties Without THC?

Now you might be thinking how much medicinal value CBD oil has when there is no THC present? And isn’t it true that THC is associated with curing cancer? The answer is yes and no. Yes, THC is medicinal, but CBD oil also has medical benefits. It’s when you combine CBD and THC that it becomes what can only be described as a miracle treatment for several issues.

How Can You Consume Or Use It?

You’ll be happy to know there are many ways CBD oil can be consumed. For example, some like to vape while others prefer to cook with it. You can even just drop a little bit underneath your tongue, or mix it with a skin cream. You will even come across some interesting edibles, like candy CBD oil.

And now that you have a little more insight about what CBD oil is, you might want to order some.

Marijuana Laws Are Very Much In A State Of Flux

Cannabis laws across the United States are very much in a state of flux and upheaval. For a time, cannabis was only permitted to be legally used in very select states, and only then by patients who were deemed to need access to it for medicinal reasons in order to alleviate their pain and suffering from the symptoms of numerous conditions that prescriptions just couldn’t address very well on their own. At the time, the number of states doing this were minimal, and there were occasional clashes with the federal government, which at the time of writing, had yet to take any significant steps to relax national laws regarding the use of cannabis.

The number of states allowing medicinal use has definitely grown over the last two decades, but the number of states now allowing recreational use has also increased too. Many enthusiasts and supporters suspect that it’s only a matter of time before cannabis laws are repealed from coast to coast, but this will take some time, as there are still many states that have yet to address the issue.

Among states that have relaxed their cannabis laws, the legal statutes do vary from one state to the next, and sometimes even from one municipality to the next. It’s good to see where the laws are where you are at before you decide to buy or use cannabis, regardless of which way the political winds might be blowing.