Marijuana Laws Are Very Much In A State Of Flux

Cannabis laws across the United States are very much in a state of flux and upheaval. For a time, cannabis was only permitted to be legally used in very select states, and only then by patients who were deemed to need access to it for medicinal reasons in order to alleviate their pain and suffering from the symptoms of numerous conditions that prescriptions just couldn’t address very well on their own. At the time, the number of states doing this were minimal, and there were occasional clashes with the federal government, which at the time of writing, had yet to take any significant steps to relax national laws regarding the use of cannabis.

The number of states allowing medicinal use has definitely grown over the last two decades, but the number of states now allowing recreational use has also increased too. Many enthusiasts and supporters suspect that it’s only a matter of time before cannabis laws are repealed from coast to coast, but this will take some time, as there are still many states that have yet to address the issue.

Among states that have relaxed their cannabis laws, the legal statutes do vary from one state to the next, and sometimes even from one municipality to the next. It’s good to see where the laws are where you are at before you decide to buy or use cannabis, regardless of which way the political winds might be blowing.